Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 22

We will see more quotes like this before a new solution takes hold. "Lexington is a very progressive city. We have a tremendous environmental heart. But we are also fiscally responsible." via @WasteDive

Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 20

The fantasy that plastic we trustingly put in the recycle bin gets recycled and re-used again is just that, a fantasy.

Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 8

@Waste_Expo⁩ heating up this afternoon in Las Vegas at the Sierra Energy booth!

Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 7

Come meet the team at @Waste_Expo booth 4296! 2nd floor in the Organics Pavilion.

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Apr 19

We are proud to be an Innovation Partner for the World Waste To Energy and Resources Summit and we are excited to talk about FastOx gasification in London, May 21-22! Find out more details here: @WorldW2E

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Apr 17

We are thrilled to spend the morning in conversation with so many great industry researchers, leaders and supporters. Thank you ⁦@JohnGaramendi⁩ and @UCDavisCOE⁩ ⁦@ucdavis⁩ for hosting and having us!

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Apr 11

Getting excited for another great show in #Vegas! Let us know if you plan to be at @Waste_Expo May 6-9 2019. We'd love to see you there. Booth #4294. @Waste360

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Mar 19

Individuals are upholding their end of the bargain, more than ever, but lack of economic solutions means recycling is going to landfill! The crisis is systemic and we need a breakthrough now. #gasification

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Mar 16

Thank you to everyone who voted for @FastOx in the @bdigest #digesthot50 competition! We can't wait to see the results.

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Mar 14

We're so close! The competition closes tomorrow for @bdigest 's 2019 Hottest 50 Companies in the Advanced #Bioeconomy. Every like counts as a vote. #DigestHot50 Thank you all who have liked and voted!

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Due to the #facebookoutage we'll stick to Twitter this afternoon! This guy looks like he means business. #Vote4Sierra @bdigest #Bioeconomy #DigestHot50,

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Mar 12

We have a special request. Voting closes this Friday for the @bdigest #Bioeconomy #DigestHot50, and we really hope to make it back on the leader board again this year! One easy way to 'vote' and show support is to like our Hot 50 photo posts. Like them all and #Vote4Sierra!

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Mar 11

Thank you @EHFNewZealand for the opportunity to share our story and our vision.

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Mar 11

@FastOx gasification can't go back in time, but it can stop us from trashing our planet in the future. #NotSciFi. Learn more #digesthot50 @bdigest #Vote4Sierra

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Mar 7

@FastOx is not afraid of new frontiers. #Bioeconomy @bdigest #DigestHot50 #Vote4Sierra #SpaceX

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Mar 5

Bit by bit, @FastOx technology is saving the world. #Bioeconomy. @bdigest #DigestHot50. Don't forget to #Vote4Sierra

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We are planning for a future with no waste, where transportation fuels are all from renewable sources and gasification creates enough gigawatts to.... Great Scott!! There's only 1 week left to vote for @FastOx as the Hottest 50 Companies in the Advanced #Bioeconomy. #DigestHot50

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👍@FastOx #Bioeconomy @bdigest #DigestHot50 #Vote4Sierra

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We're on track for another great year! Big thanks to all of our supporters for the votes and likes. @FastOx #Bioeconomy @bdigest #DigestHot50 #Vote4Sierra

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No more playing around, time to pin this competition into a corner and win! Vote for @FastOx in the 2019 Hot 50 Companies in the Advanced #Bioeconomy. @bdigest #DigestHot50 #Vote4Sierra