Sierra Energy @FastOx · Aug 10

New research finds that degrading plastics also emit greenhouse gases as they decompose. FastOx gasification can help by safely eliminating plastics without greenhouse gas emissions! #climatechange #environment #waste #pollution

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 29

@FastOx gasification can be a net water positive system. 'Heat and drought mean more evaporation and yet more demand for water, adding pressure to tap distant reservoirs' Mexico City, Parched and Sinking, Faces a Water Crisis #GasificationMexico

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 27

Communities live, work and raise families on landfills. This video explores: What it's like to live in a landfill in Mexico via @datelinenbc #GasificationMexico #LivingOnTrash

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 27

Private companies cash in on growing Mexican waste management problem via @cgtnamerica #GasificationMexico

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 26

RT @sacstartup: The 2016 #SacInnov8Awards winner for Sustainability was Sierra Energy. We interviewed Chief Strategist @Mrobertwhite about…

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 26

Stay tuned as we bring you highlights from our exploration of FastOx gasification in #MexicoCity, a project made possible through support from the @RoddenberryFdn. We'll take you on a trek through the past year of work and what we learned along the way. #GasificationMexico

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 23

Calling local #innovators to apply for the Sacramento Innovation Awards! #SacInnov8Awards.

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 22

"A tidal wave of plastic trash will flood the world over the next decade". This is the new reality of #recycling. #packaging #waste

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 14

#Recycling that can't be shipped to China is piling up. For one impacted community, it has been 'stifling'. Your Recycling Gets Recycled, Right? Maybe, or Maybe Not

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 13

#nytimes article about new CO2 study. "Researchers looked at how crops responded to levels of around 580 parts per million, which could prove tough to avoid this century without drastic changes." How More Carbon Dioxide Can Make Food Less Nutritious

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 11

Killer #dumps. There is not one single solution to illegal dumps, but #gasification can save lives by treating the most dangerous post recycled waste. Read more about this crisis in NYT ‘The Dump Killed My Son’: Mountains of Garbage Engulf India’s Capital

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 3

Carton #recycling is upping the game with robots and education! Did you know: "62 percent of households in the U.S. can now recycle food and beverage cartons through curbside and drop-off programs. This is an increase from approximately 18 percent in 2009."

Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 22

Check out @NatGeo's new Planet or Plastic campaign.

Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 21

Birds, stockpiling, and relying on temporary disposal. Is this is the new reality for recycling? China scrap imports projected to drop nearly 95% from 2017 levels via @WasteDive

Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 4

Nice article about @FtHunterLiggett's #zerowaste initiatives featuring @FastOx in the latest edition of the @DoD_HDIAC Journal!

Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 2

This should happen in every town and city. What a great way to divert waste without moving it out of the community. #wastenot #zerowaste

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Apr 30

@FastOx team winning #WasteExpo 2018! Another Batch of Memorable Moments from WasteExpo 2018

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Mar 23

How can we get away from this now standard issue? @FastOx hopes to bring a new tech solution to the table soon! Consumers think they're recycling. It's ending up in a landfill: Trash-tracking project via @denverpost

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Mar 16

World’s great forests could lose half of all wildlife as planet warms – report

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Mar 12

RT @WasteDive: "We are looking at a zero-plastics-waste charter. We could build on goals like having 100% reusable, recyclable or compostab…