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Beam us up, we're ready to power the universe (and get rid of some of that #space junk floating around Earth). 🛸@bdigest #DigestHot50 #thehot50 #Vote4Sierra #gasification.

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The road will be long, but we've seen the signs. @FastOx is in the running again for the 2019 @bdigest Hottest 50 Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy competition! #DigestHot50 #thehot50 Voting starts today!

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We are so proud of our Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Dodd, for making @Waste360's 40 Under 40 list this year! This award honors the next generation of leaders who are shaping the future of the waste and recycling industry. Congrats Dan!

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jan 14

Great example of @USArmy commitment to energy resiliency @FtHunterLiggett: 'California has notable #microgrids in operation - several of which belong to the military and serve as teaching examples: Camp Pendleton, Fort Hunter Liggett and Borrego Springs'.

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Throughout the United States communities face service disruptions as MRFs grapple with how to handle reclaimed materials. With China's 'nearly impossible' contamination standard, where are MRFs looking now? via @WasteDive

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jan 6

@WasteDive is keeping track of all things resulting from China's #PlasticBan.

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Interesting read: "Today, the average Taiwanese person produces 850 grams (1.9 pounds) of waste daily, down from 1.20 kilograms (2.6 pounds) 15 years ago." Taiwan has one of the highest recycling rates in the world. Here's how that happened. via @WasteDive

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“ in order to displace the carbon-laden fossil fuels which now imperil climate, ocean and the whole biosphere something rather different must be adopted – something storable at all scales, transmissible, fully functional as a fuel, and climate-neutral.…”

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Atmospheric carbon last year reached levels not seen in 800,000 years. @NOAA report on the State of the Climate is a report on the realities of changes already in motion.

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Folks in the Northern hemisphere may wish they were in a warmer place right now, but a global 'hothouse' effect? No thanks. #curbclimatechage #gasification Runaway climate change could trigger 'Hothouse Earth' with 200ft sea level rises via @TelegraphSci

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#plasticpollution has reached every shoreline. No matter how remote, it’s there.

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"The alternative is a world full of trash." #recycling #gasification #molecularrecycling via @mashable

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Curbing long term damage from climate change requires more than a shortsighted plan. Interesting read from @WashingtonPost - Climate scientists are struggling to find the right words for very bad news

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This time of year we usually like warm things, but this gives us chills - BBC News - Climate change: Warming gas concentrations at new record high