In Grand Rapids, Michigan, our partners at Andy J. Egan Co. have finished the fabrication of the gasifier and other proprietary system components for the demonstration facility at Fort Hunter Liggett. All of the equipment is either at the shop or en route. And yet, the electricity generator still sits alone on the pad at Fort Hunter Liggett. With construction and commissioning right around the corner, why isn't all of the equipment at the Fort?
Kenneth Miller of visited Sierra Energy's booth at WasteExpo 2016, and noticed that we do things a little differently. In a sea of booths touting status quo equipment for business-as-usual landfill operations, Sierra Energy's FastOx gasifier offered waste managers a real, cost-effective solution to the waste industry's emissions and environmental problems. The article focuses on what sets FastOx gasification apart from previous technologies, and dispels the myths that have settled on the industry.
Sierra Energy is proud to be one of the 57 business members of CALSTART endorsing the Low Carbon Fuel Standard in the state of California.
At Sierra Energy, we are passionate about advancing all emerging waste conversion projects. Through our experience implementing FastOx gasification at our commercial demonstration site in Monterey County, we've discovered just how messy these projects can be.
California has been hit hard by five years of drought and bark beetle infestations leaving massive swaths of dead, dry biomass across the state.
The Sacramento Business Journal breaks the news about SteelRiver's investment in Sierra Energy. We are excited to move forward with SteelRiver's support and bring FastOx gasification to market as quic
In the final segment of Global Mana's five part interview with Sierra Energy's CEO, Mike Hart discusses the future of FastOx gasifiers. Built on centuries-old blast furnace technology, FastOx gasifiers have the versatility to handle even our biggest sustainability challenges.
One great idea will not solve a global environmental crisis. Sierra Energy has provided a platform that helps communities to highlight local environmental problems and provide access to solutions such as FastOx gasification. Hear more about how we're doing this in this interview with Global Mana.
Renewable energy has long looked to government and policy to force innovation and change. Mike G Hart discusses a better way. Sierra Energy's online calculator shows industry leaders how FastOx gasification pays for itself.
When you think of renewable energy, you might not think of the US Army. Global Mana interviews CEO Mike G Hart about why the US military has been a natural partner for our technology.