Our friends at Global Mana interviewed CEO Mike G Hart about Sierra Energy, FastOx gasification, and his vision for a zero waste future. In the first of this five part series, Mike discusses the origins of FastOx gasification, how it works, and its potential to change the world.
Sacramento Business Journal's Mark Anderson writes about CEO Mike G Hart and his many business ventures. In the article titled "Mike Hart: An entrepreneur of many trades", Anderson explores Mike's passion for sustainability and economic development in Davis. The text of the article can be read below. To read more about business in the greater Sacramento region and a bonus Q&A with Mike Hart, read the article on the Sacramento Business Journal Website.

The gasifier and polisher vessels for Fort Hunter Liggett will undergo rigorous testing prior to their installation at Fort Hunter Liggett. Both vessels must be able to safely withstand high temperatures and contain large volumes of syngas. To ensure that they are up to the challenge, the vessels will be hydro-tested per American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) boiler and pressure vessel codes.

If you missed CEO Mike G Hart's speech at TEDx Sacramento in February, you're not alone. Luckily, the official video was recently published on the TEDx youtube channel! Now you can hear Mike explain FastOx gasification and how Sierra Energy is turning trash into clean fuel any time you'd like.

While we're excited to see the completed gasifier vessel, this week our partners at Andy J Egan Co took a break to complete our gasifier frame and other components essential to the gasification process.

The shell for the FastOx gasifier vessel arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan today at the shop of our engineering and procurement partner - Andy J. Egan! The vessel arrival marks the beginning of months
The staff at Sierra Energy has been working hard to create this video to explain how FastOx® gasification is shaking up the waste industry by powering homes and fueling cars with trash. By injecting p
Sierra Energy is proud to announce our collaboration with the Nishi Gateway partners to facilitate the construction of an R&D innovation center in Davis, CA. Nishi Gateway would add 325,000 square feet of commercial space in our community that would support innovation at the University of California at Davis and Area 52 - a maker space sponsored by Sierra Energy.
Sierra Energy is now auctioning off the exclusive rights to develop and distribute FastOx gasifiers by county. This allows early adopters to gain access to FastOx gasification at preferential rates.

Our commercial demonstration facility at Fort Hunter Liggett in Monterey County, California is one step closer to completion this month! Our partners at Andy J Egan Co. have been hard at work in Grand