Sierra Energy celebrated this month after receiving two awards for environmental achievement. Sierra Energy received the City of Davis Environmental Recognition Award, and CEO—Mike G. Hart—accepted the Cool Davis Eco-Hero Award.
Construction began this Fall on the commercial demonstration facility at Fort Hunter Liggett in Monterey County, California, being built in partnership with the US Army and California Energy Commission.
Sierra Energy's CEO, Mike Hart, presented at Sacramento Business Journal's Tech Edge Conference this week. The conference featured Sacramento area entrepreneurs blazing a path in the technology industry. Tech Edge presenters spoke to a crowd of entrepreneurs and were asked to share key lessons that they learned during their careers.
Sierra Energy is proud to be a part of Area 52 - a new technology business incubator serving the Davis-Sacramento region - and now we're being joined by the University of California Davis. The university officially joined the team as a collaborator this week and plans to incorporate Area 52 into their DRIVE network. The DRIVE network provides UC Davis-affiliated startups with access to affordable incubation spaces. UC Davis played an important role in the formation of Sierra Energy and continues to play a role in our ongoing success. We are excited to take this next step with the University to support Area 52 and ensure the success of future innovators in our area.
Sierra Energy's CEO, chats with local entrepreneurs on the importance of crowd funding and how Sacramento is quickly emerging as America's "green tech hub".
A new $10 thousand prize will be available at the Big Bang! Business Challenge hosted by the University of California at Davis. Furnished by Sierra Energy, the prize will be awarded to the most innovative business solution for the use of synthesis gas.
A new article from Renewable Energy from Waste Magazine highlights the utility of Sierra Energy's online calculator tool for estimating electrical outputs from FastOx gasifiers.
Last Sunday, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about the problem of waste disposal in the United States. Waste disposal is a very real problem and it demands immediate, sustainable solutions. However, to find these solutions we need to stop talking about the lesser of two evils and start talking about real technological advancements.
Sierra Energy has selected Andy Egan as our engineering and procurement partner in delivering renewable energy solutions to the U.S. Army and California Energy Commission. This brings FastOx gasification yet another step closer to commercial-scale deployment.
Sierra Energy is pleased to announce the award of a Small Business Innovation Research Grant from the Defense Logistics Agency to further explore the production of hydrogen fuel from waste.