California has been hit hard by five years of drought and bark beetle infestations leaving massive swaths of dead, dry biomass across the state.
The Sacramento Business Journal breaks the news about SteelRiver's investment in Sierra Energy. We are excited to move forward with SteelRiver's support and bring FastOx gasification to market as quic
In the final segment of Global Mana's five part interview with Sierra Energy's CEO, Mike Hart discusses the future of FastOx gasifiers. Built on centuries-old blast furnace technology, FastOx gasifiers have the versatility to handle even our biggest sustainability challenges.
One great idea will not solve a global environmental crisis. Sierra Energy has provided a platform that helps communities to highlight local environmental problems and provide access to solutions such as FastOx gasification. Hear more about how we're doing this in this interview with Global Mana.
Renewable energy has long looked to government and policy to force innovation and change. Mike G Hart discusses a better way. Sierra Energy's online calculator shows industry leaders how FastOx gasification pays for itself.
When you think of renewable energy, you might not think of the US Army. Global Mana interviews CEO Mike G Hart about why the US military has been a natural partner for our technology.
Our friends at Global Mana interviewed CEO Mike G Hart about Sierra Energy, FastOx gasification, and his vision for a zero waste future. In the first of this five part series, Mike discusses the origins of FastOx gasification, how it works, and its potential to change the world.
Sacramento Business Journal's Mark Anderson writes about CEO Mike G Hart and his many business ventures. In the article titled "Mike Hart: An entrepreneur of many trades", Anderson explores Mike's passion for sustainability and economic development in Davis. The text of the article can be read below. To read more about business in the greater Sacramento region and a bonus Q&A with Mike Hart, read the article on the Sacramento Business Journal Website.

The gasifier and polisher vessels for Fort Hunter Liggett will undergo rigorous testing prior to their installation at Fort Hunter Liggett. Both vessels must be able to safely withstand high temperatures and contain large volumes of syngas. To ensure that they are up to the challenge, the vessels will be hydro-tested per American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) boiler and pressure vessel codes.

If you missed CEO Mike G Hart's speech at TEDx Sacramento in February, you're not alone. Luckily, the official video was recently published on the TEDx youtube channel! Now you can hear Mike explain FastOx gasification and how Sierra Energy is turning trash into clean fuel any time you'd like.