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Humans have made 8.3 billion tons of plastic since 1950, of that 79% was landfilled. @FastOx gasification recycles plastics and organics back to constituent gasses, and can help reverse the trend of exponential waste generation.

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Our new and improved Sierra Energy YouTube page has gained over 100 subscribers! VIRTUAL HIGH-FIVE!😀

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RT @AlexTaylor_Cox: Imagine a world without landfills. Today @CoxEnterprises announced an investment in Sierra Energy, a company with the i…

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This startup just raised $33 million to vaporize trash @fastcompany @btenergy @coxenterprises #waste #gasification #investment

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jul 29

Meet one of our newest partners @CoxEnterprises who joins our @btenergy led Series A investment. #gasification @cleanenergy #waste #sustainability

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.@FastOx announces $33 million Series A investment led by @btenergy and joined by @coxenterprises and an impressive syndicate of global investors. #wastegasification #renewableenergy #sustainability

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 26

Some wild corals prefer microplastics over their natural food—even when the plastic is carrying bacteria that can kill them. via @NatGeo #Plasticgasification #beach

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 13

Small, single use, recyclable. This describes the bulk of waste collecting in our oceans. Be aware of the top 10 items in this awesome graphic from @OurOcean . #wastegasification #plasticseas Our oceans are too important to pollute!

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 11

Average plastic bag life = 12 minutes, 'the bags clog sewage and storm drains, entangle and kill marine mammals and degenerate into toxic microplastics that fester in oceans and landfills' #beach #wastegasification #oceanplastic #plasticocean #gasification

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 11

We've reached a tipping point on plastic pollution. It is out of control and out of reach in the vast oceans. We can't reverse the damage fast enough! Thankfully businesses and NGOs like @WWFBetterBiz are stepping up to take action. #wastegasification #plasticocean

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 10

This week we are focused on human generated trash in the ocean. Check out this article by NPR on how Microplastics Have Invaded The Deep Ocean — And The Food Chain #wastegasification #oceanplastic

Sierra Energy @FastOx · Jun 6

When we say ocean, what comes to mind? We imagine pristine shorelines, clean salt air and happy turtles. In reality this vast resource is choked with trash. We need to reverse this and return these treasured spaces to their natural state. #beach #wastegasification #oceanplastic

Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 29

Pope weighs in on sustainability, "Land use, pollution, overfishing, deforestation and climate change are among the factors driving the unprecedented decline in biodiversity" via @bdigest

Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 28

Another exploding source of plastic waste, a portion of which sadly will end up polluting our land land water resources for generations to come.

Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 22

We will see more quotes like this before a new solution takes hold. "Lexington is a very progressive city. We have a tremendous environmental heart. But we are also fiscally responsible." via @WasteDive

Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 20

The fantasy that plastic we trustingly put in the recycle bin gets recycled and re-used again is just that, a fantasy.

Sierra Energy @FastOx · May 8

@Waste_Expo⁩ heating up this afternoon in Las Vegas at the Sierra Energy booth!

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Come meet the team at @Waste_Expo booth 4296! 2nd floor in the Organics Pavilion.

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We are proud to be an Innovation Partner for the World Waste To Energy and Resources Summit and we are excited to talk about FastOx gasification in London, May 21-22! Find out more details here: @WorldW2E